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We take a team approach to diagnosis, treatment, and coordinated care.

Our above average success rates begin and end with our unique team of medical professionals. This multi-disciplinary team is made up of urologists, oncologists, radiation oncologists and pathologists, all of whom work together to diagnose and treat your prostate cancer.

Each team member contributes through excellence within their own specialization and a commitment to coordinating your care with other members of the team; an approach that we have found facilitates the best results and values your time.

Prostate cancer manifests differently in patients and can actually be treated in a variety of ways. Working as a team allows us to zero in on the simplest yet most powerful course of treatment and stay aligned throughout the process. The net effect for you is a smoother experience, less stress, and an optimal outcome.

Your day-to-day expert care givers – from assessment through post-treatment evaluation – are an oncologist, a urologist, and your primary care physician. Together they guide the delivery of treatment and provide consistent, personalized assessment in a caring and informative atmosphere. You are considered a fourth member of this team and an integral part of every discussion and decision.